May 15, 2008

Book Review: The Extraordinary Mother by John MacArthur

This is a nice quick read. Each chapter is only a few pages and focuses on a particular woman of the Bible. It makes for an excellent gift item for a “soon-to-be” mother. There isn’t a lot of theology, just examples of Biblical mothers living out their faithfulness. There is much to be learned from these women, both through their faithfulness and their times of trouble.

One interesting thing about this book, is the fact that some of these Mother’s are not well know to the average Christian. For example, I had never really thought about John Mark’s mother.

The book uses the following mothers as examples:
Rachel & Leah
Samson’s Mother
King Lemuel’s Mother
Mary – Jesus’ Mother
Mary – John Mark’s Mother

Can you think of the qualities of each of these Mothers?

Check back tomorrow for some summary thoughts about each.

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