February 02, 2009

Book Review

I finished reading "Ten Commandments: Twice Removed" by Danny Shelton and Shelley Quinn.

The title of the book is very deceptive!

About halfway through the first chapter I was starting to wonder about this book and where the authors were going with it. Then in chapter two it hit me. This book has little to do with the Ten Commandments. It focuses mostly on #4 "Remember the Sabbath Day."

The authors then go on to describe Saturday (actually Friday at sundown to Saturday sundown) as being the Biblical Sabbath, during Bible times and still today. The authors "prove" that Christians should still observe the seventh-day Sabbath.

I won't go into detail here as to why the authors are wrong, but I will say the authors used a deceptive title for their book as well as a deceptive description on the back cover.

My questions is: Since the authors resorted to deceptive tactics to get people (me) to read the book, then what does that say about their message and content of the book?

In summary, this book is not really about the Ten Commandments (yes, it does mention them all briefly). It is really only about one group's view of the Fourth Commandment.

Do not be deceived by this book. Read and study Acts 20:7 for the day of worship.

For your information, I plan on destroying this book so no one has a chance to be deceived by it!


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