April 01, 2009

Book Review

Give it All to Him by Max Lucado

This is a small, short book (only 58 pages) about giving all of your "trash" to God who gives you a new beginning through Jesus Christ.

I had to read this book through twice, because the first time I just didn't get it. Each "chapter" starts with a story from another of Lucado's books (I think this is what confused me the first time I read it). The chapter then expands on that story.

Lucado starts his book by letting the reader know that they are not alone; everyone has sin and burdens (trash) in their life. He describes that further by giving examples such as loneliness, worry, pain, resentment, revenge, and failure.

Lucado closes by describing a Way to take out our trash and get rid of it permanently. There is Someone who see and wants your burdens. As we confess our sins and give them to Him He forgives, cleanses, and gives us a new beginning.

I was looking for a quick inspiration/introductory book to give to people as a witnessing tool. I believe this books does that in a way that is appealing and understandable, yet it is true to Scripture.


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