November 30, 2009

Book Review

Life Lessons with Max Lucado
Books of Ruth & Esther

This is a 12 lesson bible study on the books of Ruth & Esther (4 lessons on Ruth and 8 lessons on Esther).

Each lesson has a particular theme based upon the bible reading. The lessons start with a reflection question then the Scripture is read. The Scripture is included in the book. Both the New Century Version and the New King James Version are included for comparison.

The lessons do not usually include the entire chapter of Scripture, only the relevant portions needed for the particular theme of the lesson.

There are some basic discovery questions and response questions which encourage you to think about the Scripture. There are also additional questions which get you thinking about how you can apply the Scripture in your life.

The author also included an inspirational writing in each lesson as well as a prayer and additional bible readings demonstrating the theme of the lesson.

There is room in the book to answer the questions as well as some journaling and additional thoughts.

Overall, I would highly recommend this study book series for an individual, group, or even a sermon preparation guide.

Each lesson takes about 1 hour to complete in a small group setting.


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