December 03, 2009

Book Review

The Power of Integrity by John MacArthur

This is a good book that biblically describes a life of integrity - a life without compromise regarding biblical principles.

Integrity is consistent obedience to God and demonstrating the character of Christ throughout your life while living in a fallen world.

MacArthur starts by describing the essential elements of integrity. Then he moves on to providing biblical examples of people of integrity. Finally, he finishes the book by looking at practical ways to apply integrity in everyday life.

There is a study guide at the back of the book for each chapter. The study guide briefly summarizes the chapter and provides a few questions to answer regarding the information presented in the chapter. Finally, there are a couple of suggestions for prayer and ways to apply the truth examined in the chapter.

Overall, this is a good book to read about the biblical standard for integrity. Integrity is probably needed today more than ever.


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