December 15, 2009

Kiplinger Magazine

I have been a subscriber of Kiplinger Magazine for several years now. The last time I renewed the subscription I paid $20 for two years. My subscription is set to expire in January of 2010.

I received my last issue the other day. Throughout the issue there were several postcard advertisements to order a gift subscription to the magazine for $12 per year.

My limit for any magazine is $12 per year, so I decided to call and renew my subscription. I asked the customer service representative on the phone to give me the best deal.

She said you me it was $14.97 for one year, $26.97 for two years, or $37.97 for three years.

I explained to her that that was not the best deal going. She told me that was the best deal for me! So which one did I want.

I simply said, thank you, but I'll let my subscription expire. She said Ok and have a nice afternoon. I then explained it was evening were I was at. But thanked her for her time and hung up.

She had no interest in trying to deal or anything.

So this is how Kiplinger's is going to play it! They charge their loyal customers more than the new subscriber.

I am not sure if I will give myself a gift subscription for $12 or not. The other option I have is to renew the magazine for $12 per year through Even Amazon has the subscriptions for $12.

I am not sure what I will do, it's not like I love the magazine or anything. It just gives me something to read at lunch. I might have to wait for the price to drop to $10 per year again. Who knows.

The more I think about it, I may write to the editor of Kiplinger to get their side of the story.

Always thinking about something here at Doe Valley.


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