December 16, 2009

Letter to the Editor of Kiplinger's Magazine

So I decided to send a letter to the editor regarding the pricing scam they are running for their loyal customers. Below is the message I sent.

I think it is wrong of Kiplinger's to charge your loyal customers more for the magazine than a new subscriber can get from Amazon, Magazineline, or your own website.

I will let my subscription expire then order a new subscription for the lower price, IF I am still interested in your magazine. Money and SmartMoney only charge $10 per year (new or existing customers) and their magazines are just as good as yours.

Shame on you for treating your faithful readers like this.

I'll see what the response is, if any, and post it here for all to see.

Still thinking and righting the wrongs of the world, here at Doe Valley.


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