May 11, 2010

ACT mouthwash

As usual I am always thinking here at Doe Valley.

The other day I was evaluating which ACT mouthwash to purchase: Total Care or Restoring. I ended up getting the Total Care because the label had more check marks on it than the Restoring version.

When I returned home I compared the Total Care to the Restoring. It turns out the ingredients are identical. So I decided to email the ACT company to find out what the difference is.

As it turns out the Total Care is supposed to kill more germs. Total Care also costs more.

The interesting part of this story is the difference between the larger 33.8 ounce bottles and the smaller 18 ounce bottles.

Of course, I bought the larger bottle, because it seemed liked the better deal.

As it turns out the 33.8 ounce bottles are meant to be used twice a day so there is only half as much fluoride in it as compared to the 18 ounce bottle.

The moral of the story is don't let the marketing genius fool you. Compare prices. Compare ingredients. Know what you are buying.

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