July 01, 2011

BIC Flex 4

It has been another two month trial for shaving. This time with the BIC Flex 4 razor that I got for free from BIC since I was thoroughly unimpressed with their Hybrid Advanced razor. Honestly, I didn't expect much more from this razor than the Comfort 3, which was a pretty good razor. However, after two months I can say that the Flex 4 razor is a pretty decent razor.

It seemed to give me a good shave for the entire month. I could tell around week 3 that it was getting a little dull and didn't cut quite as close, but I continued with my testing.

The head is large and easy to clean, it does not get clogged like many other razors. The four blades cut close without digging into my skin. The lubricating strip lasted the entire month. The cost of the razors was $5.99 for three or about $2 each.

I would rate this razor about 90%. It ranks up there with the Mach 3 Turbo (3 blade) and the Fusion Proglide (5 blade). The cost is about the same as the Mach 3 Turbo and cheaper than the Fusion Proglide.

I had a $1.50 coupon so I picked up another package of these razors. I think I should be set for the rest of the year. I still would like to test the Wilkenson-Sword Tech 3 razor. And of course, as always, if there are any manufactures that would like me to test there razors they are welcome to send them.

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