July 06, 2011

Rechargeable Battery Replacement

Sometime ago I purchased 4 AAA Rayovac Rechargeable batteries. After only a few months of use one of the batteries would no longer take a charge. I held onto it and did some experiments with it, all of which concluded that the battery would no longer take and hold a charge.

I was getting ready to pitch it, when I decided to look at Rayovac's website for charging tips. I didn't find anything except for a money back guarantee. It stated to send them the battery with the original packaging, receipt, and a note.

Of course I didn't have the packaging or the receipt, but I figured for the cost of a postage stamp, why not try. So I mailed them the battery with a note stating that this battery does not hold a charge like the other four in the package and to send me a replacement.

A few weeks later I received a fedex package from Rayovac with a brand new four pack of AA batteries. This was surprising to me, first of all a 4 pack of batteries costs about $10 and I am sure fedex shipping was at least $5. Second, I was surprised because they sent me AA and not AAA that I returned to them.

I am certainly glad they sent me 4 batteries, but I would have rather gotten the 1 battery I requested. American customer service at its best I guess.

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