May 25, 2012

Book Review

6 Rules Every Man Must Break by Bill Perkins

After reading another book by Perkins, (Six Battles Every Man Must Win) I wasn't too excited to read this book. While I disagreed with much of the material and conclusions of the Six Battles book, I found myself agreeing with most of what Perkins wrote about breaking these six rules.

The six rules are:
Passivity - never get into a fight
Playing it safe - never risk it all
Perseverance - never give up
Independence - never ask for help
Restraint - never lose your cool
Impress others - never look stupid

These are indeed many rules or ideas that people, especially men, try to live by. However, these are "rules" that people should break and the author uses Scripture to demonstrate his point.

Overall, this was a good book and is a quick read at only around 130 pages. I especially recommend it to those people who try to live by the six rules.

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