May 01, 2012

Family Radio Letter #2

As my regular readers here are aware, I recently sent Family Radio a letter recommending the removal of Harold Camping from the organization. While I didn't receive a response to that letter, I did receive another letter from Harold Camping.

Apparently, Camping felt the need to send another letter out to further clarify that they (he) was only wrong in his teaching about the exact date of Christ's return and the end of the world. Of course, he is still right about everything else he teaches.

In particular, Camping teaches that Christians are not to belong, attend, or associate with a Church. He has proven that the church age is over and God no longer uses the Church for his purposes and if fact the Church is actually under the judgment of God.

Here is a quote from his most recent letter.
"From evidence we have learned from the Bible, we remain convicted that God has finished using the churches as the earthly representatives of the Kingdom of God, and they remain under His judgment. Therefore, we do not encourage anyone to become part of a local congregation."

Once again, Family Radio sent a postage paid envelope along with a support card to return with your check or credit card number. No thanks Mr. Camping. I think I'll keep my money going to the local Church!

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