January 07, 2013

Book Review

Grace for the Moment Morning & Evening Edition: Inspiration for Each Day of the Year by
Max Lucado

I have enjoyed reading several of Max Lucado's books and was very excited to read a daily devotional by Max as well. As the name suggests there is a brief morning and evening inspirational reading each day. The reading includes some scripture, an excerpt from one of Lucado's books, and a couple of questions to think about.

I must say, I was disappointed in this book. It seemed like this was more of a way to sell a book or books rather than actually get people into thinking about Scripture. There didn't seem to be any type of theme from day to day or even morning to night. Often times the excerpt from one of Lucado's book didn't really even match the Scripture for the day. I also found the thought provoking questions to be rather non thought provoking.

I don't think I would even recommend this book to people as a way to introduce them to a daily devotional or to Max Lucado. It does not do either of these justice.

I enjoy reading Max Lucado. I enjoy reading daily devotions. I enjoy reading and thinking about Scripture. I did not enjoy this book. There are better devotionals out there. Sorry Max.

I hope this helps you.

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