September 08, 2014

Book Review

Lord, Teach Me to Pray by John MacArthur

This book is a basic and brief introduction to prayer. It is published in a "giftbook" format. I am not a fan of these giftbooks, simply because the content is usually limited and rather light.

Given the giftbook format, MacArthur does a good job at introducing the reader to prayer. He briefly covers topics like why pray, how to pray, and when to pray.

MacArthur doesn't really provide a formula, but gives a basic start to prayers: praise God, pray about yourself and other's needs, thank Him for what he has given you and who He is, and praise Him again that His will shall be done.

I do recommend this book to anyone new to prayer or looking for a basic introduction for prayer. However, there is no verse by verse in depth study in this book that MacArthur usually preaches and teaches.

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