February 22, 2007

Global warming in ComputerWorld Magazine

I just finished reading an opinion column about global warming in my computer magazine. So I felt the immediate need to respond to the author. The article can be found on ComputerWorld's website.

Opinion: E-waste Not

Global warming?

“The scientific consensus is that the release of greenhouse gases through the consumption of fossil fuels causes global warming.” (Mark Hall, Computerworld magazine February 19, 2007 Vol 41. No. 8, page 20)

The scientific consensus also believed the world was flat until Christopher Columbus proved them wrong in 1492. Science isn’t always right. There are many scientists that do not buy into the global warming debate as being as drastic as Al Gore and others make it out to be. Notice, I could have used many nicknames for Mr. Gore, but I restrained myself, unlike you, calling the President of the United States names. I realize we have freedom of speech and press, however, a distinguished journalist would not stoop to such levels.

Is global warming happening? Who knows for sure, but one day the earth will definitely be very hot, read Revelation 20 for more information.

For more information about global warming read these articles:
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Anonymous said...

very interesting perspective, i enjoy your blogs

Roland said...

The world will get very hot indeed.
But it will be followed by a cool down period and the forecast will be perfect from then on.
Nice blog.