February 05, 2007

Kilz Paint Response

Below is the response from Kilz paint regarding our questions. See if they answered our questions by reading the previous blog posting first.

Thank you for contacting Kilz.

1) The only reason certain areas will turn pink after showering is if the product is not 100% dry in those areas. You can either allow more dry time before subjecting the bathroom to moisture from tub/shower or you can prime the surface with Kilz Original oil based primer and then topcoat with Kilz Casual Color Ceiling Paint,. We suggest you put a fan in the doorway and bring in fresh air circulation into the room to help dry faster. Open a window across from the bathroom if possible so the humidity leaves the area.

2) All latex paints (and stains) contain detergent-like substances called surfactants. They can be tan or brown in color, and can appear glossy, soapy, or sticky. These are necessary to the paint formula and are used in the process of making paint. Under certain curing conditions, such as low temperatures or condensing moisture, a leaching process occurs which results in a build-up of surfactants on the surface of the paint film.

Surfactants are not part of the paint film, and their coming out of the paint film does no harm. In most cases, these substances come out of the paint film slowly and are often washed away undetected.

Once the paint has fully dried, wash the affected area with warm water. The problem may occur once or twice more before the surfactants are completely removed.

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