February 05, 2007

Kilz Paint

Below is a letter sent to Kilz paint regarding our bathroom walls. The next blog post will be their response.


My wife and I purchased 4 gallons of Kilz paint and have some questions about it. Our ceilings and walls are all Dry-Wall which were all primed, but not with Kilz primer.

1. We purchased Kilz stainblocking ceiling paint – interior water-base. It is pink while being applied and then it turns white after it dries. We painted our 3 bathroom ceilings with this in December. Yesterday after our showers, (January 29th) we noticed that certain areas of the ceiling in our master bathroom were turning pink again. We do run the bathroom fan during and after our showers to draw out the moisture. What is causing the ceiling to turn pink? Is this normal? Do we need to do something different? Will this cause any damage to our ceiling?

2. We purchased Casual Color Alfalfa interior semi-gloss enamel (base2) for our master bathroom walls. We applied the paint and it looked terrible. It did not cover the wall very good at all. We put a second coat on the next day and it still seemed very bad, it was too light and you could still almost see the white primer paint behind it. A few days later, we decided to purchase a darker green and repaint. This time it was (Casual Color) Dried Flava (or something like that)interior semi-gloss enamel (bright white/base 1). The first coat didn’t seem to cover the Alfalfa paint very well, so we put a second coat on the next day. We let the paint dry for two days before using the bathroom. It looked better, however, after our shower we notice the walls change color in certain areas and it appears as though the paint is “running” or streaking down the wall. The walls lighten up and look like the original Alfalfa color, then when dry, they turn back to the darker color. Any ideas why the wall is doing this and what can we do to fix this problem? Is this normal? When we touch the streaking area it is just wet with water, no green paint gets on our hands or clothes.

I am glad to say that the last gallon of paint we bought, CasualColor Blue Point interior semi-gloss enamel (bright white/base 1), appears to have covered our ½ bath walls nicely with one coat.

We painted the ceilings and walls with the same type of brushes and rollers using the same techniques. All of the walls were built at the same time (2005). Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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