May 23, 2007

Hodge Podge of Politics

The rest of the week will be devoted to politics, sorry.

A recent AP/IPSOS Poll showed Congress’s approval rating is as low as President Bush’s. Only 35% of the people polled approve of how Congress is doing.

A few people at work were having a “Bush-bashing” conversation yesterday. They were blaming him for the high gas prices. One of the participants was a teacher who drives a big Ford 4x4 truck to work, which gets about 15 mpg.

No doubt, President Bush has a tremendous effect on things that occur in the United States and around the world for that matter, but everyone has their own part in the local, national, and global “community”. There are few reasons why a teacher needs to drive a big truck to work. It can be challenging to work with liberal, union minded people all the time!

Another guy at work was talking to his neighbor who is a large farmer around our area. This farmer said he is not planting potatoes this year, just corn. And yes, the corn was already sold, but not for consumer food.

People really need to wake up and look at their life. Everyone needs to be more responsible for their actions. Eric Clapton has a song, that goes, “Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself.” How true that is!

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