December 03, 2007

The View

While I was away from the office over Thanksgiving, I had the “opportunity” to watch some TV shows around lunch time. One of which was “The View”.

What kind of view do you get on this show? Let’s take a look at the hosts:

Joy Behar – political leftist and other liberal opinions, bashes Catholics and men, and routinely calls people names, but when someone else calls her a name she is extremely offended.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – she was not on the show due to maternity leave, she is the most conservative member of the group, she believes life has value and starts at conception. Several liberal people will not be a guest on the show if she is going to be there.

Barbara Walters – she has been around long enough that no comment is needed here.

Whoopi Goldberg – another liberal viewed host who doesn’t mind getting into arguments, especially with Hasselbeck.

Sherri Shepherd – she does not believe in evolution, but she isn’t sure if the world is flat. She seems loud and obnoxious; anytime there was food or alcohol on the show she acted like an animal.

Again the question is: what kind of view will you get? Mostly a liberal, leftist, pro-women position. Not the kind of view I am interested in and not the kind of view America needs.

What happened to the show’s theme of being a diverse group of women with a range of perspectives? I guess you only get the view the media wants to portray.

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