April 06, 2011

Letter to Bic

The other day I found some new BIC Hybrid Advanced razors on sale at Giant Eagle so I decided to buy it and test it out. This is a three blade disposable cartridge type razor. After the first shave I realized these razors are garbage. All it did was cut me up and didn't even give me a close shave. After 3 shaves I decided to contact BIC. Below is my email to them. We'll see what they say about their product. ******** I purchased the BIC Hybrid Advanced razor the other day and I have found it to be the worst razor I have ever used, which is strange because I like the regular BIC Advanced razor. The razor doesn't seem to give me a close shave. It seems to just cut me without cutting the hair if that is somehow possible. Also the lubrication strip does not seem to work at all. I am thinking I got a bad batch or something. Was there any recalls or problems with these razors recently? Can you tell me the process to receive either a refund or replacement? Thanks

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