April 08, 2011

Response from Bic

As mentioned in the previous post I contacted Bic about their Hybrid Advanced razor.

On their website it states that BIC does not give cash refunds or free samples or coupons. So I wasn't exactly sure what BIC was going to do to uphold their Performance Policy.

Here is the email that I received from BIC regarding the razor.

Dear Mr. Matthews:

Thank you for your comments regarding the performance of the BIC Hybrid
Advance Shaver.

We care a great deal about the quality of all of our products and were
sorry to learn that you were disappointed with the way our shavers
performed for you. This information will be helpful to us in our
continuous effort to provide BIC products of the highest possible

We will send you a BIC Shaver replacement coupon, which can be used
toward the purchase of any of our shavers. We appreciate your patronage
and hope you will continue to be a BIC customer.


BIC Consumer Affairs Team

I received the coupon in the mail and purchased a BIC Flex 4. I will start using that razor next month.

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