May 12, 2009

Lasagna anyway you cook it!

While I was shopping the other day I noticed in the pasta area there were two types of Lasagna, oven ready and regular.

I needed to know the difference, so I started my sleuthing.

First, the obvious. Both were branded with the Great Value label. The oven ready box is blue. The regular box is red.

Next, I observed the price. $1.49 for each. Interesting.

What about the size of the box? The regular box is 16 ounces and the oven ready box is only 12 ounces.

That's it! The weight is different, therefore, it must be because the ingredients are different making one box heaver than the other.

Upon looking at the ingredients they were identical.

So then what is the difference between regular lasagna and oven ready lasagna?

Apparently you get 4 ounces less of the oven ready lasagna for the same price as a regular box!

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