May 22, 2009

A letter to Money Magazine

Below is a letter I sent to the editor of Money magazine regarding an article in their June 2009 issue.

I was excited to see an article about the associated costs of living a faithfully religious lifestyle
("The Price of Faith" June 2009).

The Jewish and Muslim families seemed to adhere to their religion strictly and faithfully. The Christian family seemed to also, but the closing statement caught me off guard.

"'We used to feel that if we just did our jobs using the gifts God gave us, we would be taken care of financially' says Kent. Now they know it's up to them to take care of themselves."

If that is how the Koeman family really feels, I think the authors could have and should have found a more faithful family to represent Christianity.

My question to the Koeman family is this: When you were "poor" only making around $30,000 a year, did God not provide for you?

Maybe they didn't have everything they wanted, but I'll bet God gave them what they needed! Too bad they didn't realize it.


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