June 05, 2007

10 things I learned in Canada:

Ten things I learned on our recent trip to Canada:

  1. You don’t always need to answer your cell phone.
  2. Sony cameras from Asia are not the same as Sony cameras in America.
  3. It is difficult, but possible to communicate with someone without knowing their language.
  4. Watch out for obese people eyeing your ice cream.
  5. It takes more than an MBA to figure out the change you get back when spending American dollars.
  6. Strangers will take your picture for you and you should take their picture too!
  7. Cuban cigars are very expensive.
  8. Family style dinners are not fun, long lines are even worse.
  9. Canadians love American money!
  10. Security guards are bored and like to cause trouble for random people.

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