June 21, 2007

Personal Responsibility

Did you hear about this?

Indiana Weather Radio Bill

National Weather Radio Bill?

A child was killed when a tornado went though a mobile home park in 2005. The mother of the child believes if she were warned her son could be alive today. (Alerts were sent out, this lady just didn’t hear them.) She wrote to the political leaders of her state (Indiana) urging them to pass a law requiring Mobile Homes to be equipped with a NOAA Weather Alert radio.

Does anyone really need a law requiring this? Why should the government dictate personal responsibility? In fact, in the legislation, the mobile home installers will simply purchase a NOAA radio and plug it into an outlet! The $30 cost will be passed on to the consumer. You can purchase a weather radio at Wal*Mart for about $15.

I drive by Yellow Creek at least 5 days a week on route 422. It is possible to skid off the road right into the creek (highly unlikely, but possible). Therefore, I think I will write a letter to our governor to pass legislation that all cars that are sold and will be used on route 422 require a life vest to be installed under the seats. Sounds ridicules doesn’t it?

Personal responsibility lies with the person, not the government. People need to accept responsibility for their actions or their inactions.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone being killed by nature is a tragic event. But, if I lived in a tornado prone area I would be prepared. The same goes if I lived in a Hurricane prone area. In fact, in winter, we do prepare for winter storms! Again it is called taking responsibility and being prepared.

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