June 28, 2007

Quick Thought Today

It seems like the workers of yesteryear worked at their jobs for many years, maybe their entire career. They did this mainly because of loyalty. They were loyal to the company and the company was loyal to them.

Today, however, it seems like workers are stuck in their jobs with no escape. They want to leave but cannot. They are not loyal to the company and they know the company is not loyal to them.

I guess that is why many people only work in one place for around five years before moving on. People have jobs, not careers. Companies have workers, not dedicated employees.

Just my thoughts. What about yours?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was loyal to Liberty Medical Supply, but they just kept screwing me and not promoting me when there were positions open. What kind of loyality is that? Now I can't find a job and I am 20 dollars short of paying for my mortage on the first of the month, let alone the credit card bills that are sitting on my desk. What are my thoughts? Well I think this sucks!