July 03, 2007


A couple of days after I sent my letter to the editor of SmartMoney Magazine regarding their article about Solar Power (see “Here Comes the Sun” to read it), I received a phone call from SmartMoney asking for permission to print my letter.

They told me my comments would appear in the August 2007 issue. Yesterday, the August 2007 issue came and sure enough there is my letter to the editor. The only thing is that it wasn’t the letter I was expecting! They printed a letter I sent to them in May regarding the “Common Sense” column (You can read that letter here)

The letter I wrote was not the greatest, but did get published. Strongstown made a nationwide magazine!

If you are interested in purchasing the magazine it is the August 2007 issue of SmartMoney. Warren Buffet and four other people are on the front cover with the lead story “World’s Greatest Investors.” I am famous! I recommend purchasing several copies, since it will be a collectors item some day.

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Anonymous said...

Being a businessman, I am interested in purchasing a bulk lot of the magazines, having you sign them and then auction them off on ebay. What are you thoughts on this venture? Would you anticipate any conflicts with the Amish?