July 19, 2007

How about this! Who wants $1 million?

On Tuesday, Representative Jeff Flake of Arizona questioned Representative Peter Visclosky of Indiana about a $1 million earmark in his bill. The million dollars was earmarked for the “Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure.”

Flake and his staff could not find any information about the Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure. He asked Visclosky if it even existed. Visclosky was unsure whether it existed or not!

Upon further review, the earmark was inserted into the legislation by our friend Representative John Murtha. Apparently, the center is part of Concurrent Technologies Corporation in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

After the discussion, Rep. Flake made a motion to have the $1 million earmark removed from the legislation since they were unable to determine anything about this center. He was defeated 98-326 (H-AMDT.503).

Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. The resolution is HR-2641. The transcript is H7875, search for “Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructure”. (THOMAS)

So to be clear. The government just approved $1 million for a center they are not sure even exits! I don’t make this stuff up! Just for the record, CTC does contribute to John Murtha’s reelection campaign. And we wonder why are taxes are high.


Anonymous said...

Murtha has always been a crook and always will be a crook, just listen to the FBI tapes from years back, guess he hasn't changed!!! Keep voting for him PA you are doing a great job!!

Wesley Matthews said...

The people around the area turn their heads to the corruption, mainly because the earmarked money is coming into the area.

Look at the last election, he blew his challenger out of the water. He wasn't concerned with her at all and she seemed to have some good fresh ideas about what she could do for the area.

Murtha will continue to be reelected until the money stops flowing into the area.