July 26, 2007

Update to the Wal*mart E-mail

On Tuesday, I received a voice-mail message on my home phone from Wal*Mart, thanking me for bringing the lighting problem to their attention. (see July 20, 2007 for the story)

The message went on about how they really appreciated me taking the time to inform them of the lighting problem. The lady finally said, she would call back because she wanted to talk to me in person.

She called back about an hour later and went on and on again about how they were about to get the problem fixed and that I brought it to their attention. She seemed genuinely happy about it, although she didn’t offer me any type of reward! In fact, she or the manager will probably get a bonus for lowering their store's costs!

It is amazing though, a $200 billion company was able to respond to me in Doe Valley in a matter of a few days!

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