July 20, 2007

Wal*Mart – Lights on for Safety?

Below is an e-mail I sent to the local Wal*Mart.

I shop at the Ebensburg (Pennsylvania) store every (day inserted here) evening usually from about (times inserted here). I notice that the outside parking lot lights are on at this time. Obviously, during the summer it is still light outside and those lights do not need to be on.

If Wal*mart is trying to be "green" then shutting off the outside lights during the day or early evening would help conserve resources right?


I wonder if I’ll get a response? Better yet, I wonder if they will turn off the lights! I figure if turning off the lights will lower Wal*Mart’s costs, then maybe they will pass that savings on to me.

Always thinking of something here at Doe Valley.

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