July 18, 2007

How much does it cost to administer a shot?

As you know from reading yesterdays post, my wife and I recently got tetanus shots.

My wife’s code was 90715, whereas, my initial code was 90721.
90715 is the Tdap vaccine
90721 is the Dtap/hib vaccine

The Doctor’s office changed my billing code to 90715 after the insurance company rejected it. Apparently the 90721 shot is for children and is not covered for adults. The 90721 shot was $65 whereas, the 90715 was only $40. I wonder which shot I actually got? I’ll probably never know. Or was this simply a billing “error” to attempt to get more money from the insurance company?

The Doctor’s office also charges you to have someone actually give you the shot. This is code 90471. They charged my insurance company $8 to jab me. My wife’s Doctor charged around $20 to jab her!

What’s my point? I don’t really have one, other than you need to pay attention to your medical bills. When you don’t understand what it means, find out.

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