April 02, 2008

Campaign Money

Where does all that campaign money go when it isn’t being used for the campaign? From what we have learned Hillary Clinton hasn’t paid all of her bills yet, she still owes a couple hundred thousand for health insurance among others. But what about our good friend John Murtha. He is a money machine and hasn’t really had to campaign heavily for years. Where does his money go?

Apparently, he allows his staffers to buy guns! The Hill is questioning why one of Murtha’s aides spent over $2,000 on a rifle. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against buying guns, but why buy it with campaign money?

After The Hill questioned the purchase, the aide did reimburse the Murtha for Congress campaign. But, how is this legal or ethical? Here is the twist. The law allows for campaign money to be used for donations to charities. The rifle was purchased at a “Friends of the NRA” auction. It was considered a donation and since the Murtha campaign had no use for a rifle the staffer got to keep it.

So the next time you are thinking of donating some money to an election campaign you might want to reconsider, knowing where your money actually might go.

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