April 23, 2008

Update to Plants

Here is an update to a story I brought you last year. You can read the original story here

I purchased a few plants last spring and none of them grew. I sent the company a letter asking for a replacement (according to their guarantee) and never heard from them. I figured they just ignored my letter.

Last Saturday, I got a package from the Van Bourgondien company. It contained 4 replacement plants (2 Hydrangea’s and 2 Clematis). I guess they do honor their guarantee.

After thinking about it, it makes sense for them to send their plants in the Spring. However, to improve customer relations it probably would have been a good idea to respond to my request stating they would send my plants next spring.

We will see how these plants grow. They seemed to be a little healthier than the originals, but who knows.

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