April 21, 2008

Casey for Obama!?!

Just a few weeks ago, the junior senator from Pennsylvania said he would not endorse a candidate until after the people of Pennsylvania have had their say in the election. However, like any politician he changed his mind and publicly supported Obama.

Why? He claims that the time was right and wanted to show his support for the man that can bring change to the U.S. He could also be eyeing a vice-president bid. It kind of makes sense. You take the most liberal democrat in congress and mix it will a moderate democrat and you may have a winning combo with the people.

The problem is the fact that the rest of the U.S. doesn’t really know what Casey is like. He is a simple do nothing, say nothing, know nothing kind of person. He was on the news arguing with Governor Rendell the other day and it wasn’t real clear what his argument even was! Even Rendell was a little lost in the conversation!

For better or worse Dick Chaney has changed the office of vice-president. We can’t have a moron or a slacker in there and we shouldn't have a blood thirsty, gun wielding nut case either!

I have said it before, if Clinton wins the bid for president expect to see Rendell involved in her administration somehow. I am now also declaring that if Obama wins, expect to see Casey as part of the team.

Either way it is a gain for Pennsylvania to get rid of them, but it will be a set back for the rest of the country.

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