October 08, 2008

Bible Study

Chapter 4: Just Works
James 2:14-26

To recap: we’ve seen several “tests” of faith so far in James.
  • Response to trials
  • Response to temptations
  • Reaction to the Word of God
  • Impartiality

James continues his series of tests by introducing the test of works or behavior that obeys God.

Remember a person is not saved by their works, but their works can be evidence of their salvation. The Bible basically tells us that what we do shows the world who we really are.

The genuineness of a believers claim that Christ is their Lord and Master is shown more by what they do as opposed to what they claim.

James provides several examples of this. Abraham and Rahab as examples from the Old Testament and the human body as a physical example. Both Abraham and Rahab trusted God and demonstrated this with their actions. They passed the test! Do You?

All Christians sin, but all also obey God. Sin is present in the life of a believer, but it is not the main characteristic of their life.

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