October 23, 2008

Some Headlines from the Internet

Foreclosure Filings Rose 71% in Third Quarter as Prices Fell

81312 Homes Lost to Foreclosure in September

American Employers Set To Layoff More Workers

US Congress clears $700bn financial bailout bill

Unemployment on the Rise

Rising Food Prices hit the poor hardest.

Get the point? Things don’t sound good do they? Be glad you have a job and work hard at it, right? Not if you are a teacher in the South Butler School District because today you are on strike! Here is that headline:

South Butler teachers strike; classes canceled

The teachers want a 5% annual raise for the next 5 years and want to limit their health care premium to $3.33 per month, that’s $39.96 a year for health care or $199.80 over the five year period!

The district is willing to give a 3.2% raise, but agreed to the fact finders report of 4.3% in each of the five years. The teachers of course rejected that offer.

The average salary of the teachers in the district is $51,144 for 185 days of work. I work 260 days a year and don’t make that much. I have a master’s degree. But you know what? I choose to work where I do and am content with my job. In fact, with all the issues in the economy I am glad to have my job!

The nerve of any union going on strike right now is unbelievable. The community should be up in arms over this. People are loosing their homes and jobs and these teachers simply want more money and benefits.

Here is what I say: You want more money or better benefits? Then find a different job. Don’t make the students and taxpayers suffer for your greed.

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