October 14, 2008

Book Review

Leading Bible Discussions: A LifeGuide Bible Study

This is a short, quick read study guide on leading Bible discussions. The authors discuss introductory topics like: Why you would want to study in a group, how to start a group, and how to decide what to study.

The authors also describe how to prepare to lead the Bible study and then the actual leading of the discussion. Of course, there is a brief chapter on evaluating the discussion as well.

The authors also provide some insight and instruction as to how you should study the Bible as well as how to write your own questions for the discussion.

The authors end the book by emphasizing the spiritual aspect of growing together - fellowship building. The appendix provides a model study that is the basis of the lifeguide Bible study series.

Overall, this is a good book for beginners that are interested in starting a Bible study or Bible discussion group, but just isn't sure how to start doing it. This book provides the guidance you need to get started.

Since there have been some worries over the current financial "crisis" (my advice - hold tight - stay the course), I decided to read "Who's Money is it Anyway?" by John MacArthur next.

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