October 16, 2008

Bible Study

Chapter 5: On Preventing Forest Fires
James 3:1-12

James moves on to yet another test of a geniune believer: the tongue. A person's speach tells a lot about their heart. The tongue is probably the easiest way to sin.

The tongue can condem, control, and corrupt, but it also can praise, bless, and encourage. The tongue brings faith and works together. If you heart is obediant to God, your words will show it natually. You won't have to force yourself to say nice things and remember not to say mean things.

James also finds inconsistancy in the tongue. It blesses and curses. It builds up and tears down. James asks how can this be> Alan Greenspan would probably call it a conundrum.

We need to remember only God can completely control the tongue. When our life is in submission to Him, then will the tongue be in control.

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