June 01, 2013

Book Review

I finished reading "The Chronological Life of Christ" by Mark E. Moore this week. The author takes the life of Christ, mainly from the Gospel accounts, and harmonizes them to create a story of Christ's life. The author provides his commentary on each section. The language is a more of a conversational and contemporary style than academic.

Mark Moore was a college professor at Ozark Christian College and taught 4 courses on the life of Christ. He has his lectures and notes available on his website. I listened to the lectures as I read the book.

While I do not always agree with the comments many commentators have, it is always interesting to read different perspectives. I found a few places where the author takes great lengths to explain something that seems pretty straight forward and doesn't, in my opinion, need a great deal of explanation. Other times, however, I found myself wanting more of an explanation on other passages.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in studying the life of Christ.

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