June 10, 2013

Shadow Adventures - First Fill-up

I bought some biker boots on Saturday and was itching to try them out. I wasn't sure what I wanted for boots and most are expensive. I saw a great deal on some Harley Davidson boots, but they were too tight. So I got these GBX Dorado boots, not bad for $9!

I knew that I needed some gas in the bike as well, so what better way to test out the boots than to do a road trip for fuel.

The local gas station is about a mile away and should take about 5 minutes to get to. But of course that is not the gas station I opted to patronize. I went to Sheetz, which is several towns away. It was a great ride. The boots felt perfect.

The trip involved some rural roads, two lane and four lane highways. There wasn't much traffic. The temperature was nice with a light breeze. The trip was about 35 miles and took about an hour.

I filled up with 104 miles on the tank and it took about 1.6 gallons, so that equates to around 63 miles per gallon. Not too bad.

I am hoping for a road trip on Friday where I will actually have several stops to make. I still need to research saddlebags or some other type of storage options.

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