June 05, 2013

Shadow Adventures - Nature Area

My adventures continued last night with a ride to a local nature area. The weather was perfect, sunny and a comfortable 70 degrees.

Before the trip, I needed to check the coolant. I started the bike to let it warm up a little. All of a sudden the bike stalls. I start it up and it stalls immediately once again. I start it up and open the throttle a little, stalls again. It was as if it wasn't getting any fuel. Then I remember to turn the fuel value to the "on" position. The bike fired back up again and continued running.

I looked at the coolant reservoir but I couldn't see any fluid in there so I drove the bike up to have my brother check it out with me. Up there we were able to see the coolant level and it was fine. It appeared to be blueish so I'll have to research that a little more. I gave him my trip details and off I went.

This trip was going to involve a short run on two major highways in the area. One is a two lane and the other is a four lane. I started my journey. As I approached the first major highway there were three other bikers in front of me so I followed them and to my surprise they were turning onto the same road I was going.

Apparently, they were not out for a joy ride, because as soon as we turned onto the rural road they took off! I kept going about the speed limit which was 45 mph. As I approached the four lane highway I wasn't sure which way to go because of the way the intersection is laid out, but I always say when in doubt go right. So right it was!

There weren't many cars on the four lane so it was a nice ride for about half a mile, then I turned off onto the road to the nature area. The exit ramp was recently repaved, but as soon as you crest the little hill the paved road turns into a shale road. Thankfully, I was not traveling fast and had no problems making the adjustment to the road condition.

The nature area was about a mile down the road. As I approached the parking lot, I saw the biggest black bear I have ever seen in my entire life. He looked at me and started to walk away. Then he turned and looked at me again, so I revived up the bike and he continued on his way. I was not carrying my gun at the time either. Even if I was, I don't think my 9mm would have done much too him. Time to start researching .357's again!

I hopped off of my bike and snapped this picture of the sign.

I looked around briefly at the nature area and it didn't look like it was maintained very well. The trails were not trimmed. Obviously there is at least one gigantic bear that roams the area. I may head back again to check it out, but I think I'll take some protection with me next time!

Back on the bike to the four lane highway. Another half mile to the next exit and then back home. It was a great ride, about 25 miles in 45 minutes. The next ride will be to the gas station. Until then.....

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