June 20, 2013

Shadow Adventures: Official Business

As mentioned in a previous post I had a doctors appointment last Friday and was hoping to take my bike on an official trip, not just a joy ride. Well, that didn't happen. I had other stuff to do, like drop off the recycling, and the storage capabilities of a motorcycle are somewhat lacking. Plus the weather didn't look too promising.

Thankfully, the doctor decided I needed some fasting blood work done, so Saturday morning at 6:30 I am on my way to the hospital lab for blood work. On my bike of course. It was 48 degrees out and pretty foggy. I closed the vents on my helmet, but it was still a pretty chilly ride. By the time I got to the lab, I was also pretty wet driving through the fog. It is amazing how much moisture is in fog. The ride home was much warmer with the sun shining brightly.

No problems on the ride, in fact it was nice to ride the open road. Of course, at 6:30 on a Saturday morning there isn't much traffic either.

I was able to carry my paperwork and other items in a backpack I purchased. It worked perfectly.

This weekend is Thunder In the Valley. I am not sure if I will attend the main event in Johnstown or some of the surrounding events like the Nanty Glo Pool n Pork or the Ebensburg Wheels and Wings. Either that or I will be a rebel and have my own one man ride! Thunder at Doe Valley!

Until then, keep on thinking....

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