November 13, 2007

Election Results

The 2007 Pennsylvania Municipal elections are complete and the results are in.

(Unfortunately) All of the judges were retained. Usually these judges are retained with 80%-90% of the votes. This time they were retained with only around 66%. About 1/3 of the voters wanted to get rid of these judges for some bad decision that were made over the previous months and years.

The two underdog Supreme Court Justices were (narrowly) defeated.

It looks like two of the three recommended Judges for the Superior court won (Allen and Shogan). This was another close race.

Ruddock also won a seat as County Commissioner.

The elections are over for another year. The races were close and it proves that every vote does indeed count! Taxpayers need to remember that we vote for these people. So if you didn’t vote, then no crying and complaining about the status of our county, state, or country!

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