November 01, 2007

Letter to Rep. Dave Reed

Below is a message that was sent to my local state representative, Dave Reed. The message was sent to make him aware of a piece of property tax legislation that is looking for sponsors and will be introduced into the House soon.

I am writing to encourage you to support and even co-sponsor Rep. Sam Rohrer’s School Property Tax Elimination Act of 2007. This Act sounds like a promising way to eliminate the property tax system which is hurting Pennsylvanian’s.

Furthermore, I do not support HB1600, which sounds like Act 1 and simply shifts money around without providing any real relief to homeowners. Act 1 was rejected by the voters in May. We want something different to eliminate Property Taxes, while still maintaining adequate funding for our School Districts.

It is a challenge, but I think Rep. Rohrer’s bill is on the right track. Please monitor this closely for the taxpayers of your district.

Thank you

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