November 02, 2007

Municipal Elections

Next Tuesday, November 6, 2007 will be the Municipal Elections for Pennsylvania.

There are 6 judges up for retention (3 for the Supreme Court and 3 for the Commonwealth Court), 5 of those judges will not be able to serve their entire 10-year term due to required retirement at age 70.

Right off the top, I recommend voting NO for the 3 Supreme Court judges. Why? Various reasons, but one is because they voted to keep their pay raises rather than return them in 2004. Get rid of them and let’s get the right people in the judicial system. So, vote NO for Saylor, Musmanno, and Stevens.

As for the Commonwealth Court retentions, an activist brought a suit against the pay raises for the legislators and judges. The Commonwealth Court dismissed that case. So, vote NO to retain those 3 as well. So, vote NO for Leadbetter, McGinley, Smith-Ribner.

For the Supreme Court – vote for the underdogs, which appear to be the two republicans.

For the Superior Court – Jackie Shogan and Cheryl Allen for sure, Bruce Bratton for the final choice.

Indiana County Commissioners – Ruddock

For the rest of the choices, pick the challenger. Look for an update next week to see how the election turned out.

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