November 29, 2007

Strike, Strike, Strike.

No, not baseball season. It’s the unions. The Broadway stagehands union is fighting over work rules and staffing requirements. The TV writers union wants more money from the sales of DVD and Internet viewing. (Of course, Jay Leno and David Letterman make over $500,000 per week! Yes, that is correct, over half a million dollars per week! Can you imagine that? My lifetime earnings are not even close to $500,000!)

You know what? Baseball used to be real popular too. Then the players went on strike (1994) and in my opinion baseball has never recovered from that. They lost a lot of fans. Now, the teams simply charge more and most stadiums are half empty or worse for each game.

What’s the point? I think the unions have lost sight of the reason for strikes. A strike should be used to protest the conditions of work, not just to get something you want or you feel you deserve. We live in America, the land of the free. If you don’t like your job or you feel you are being mistreated, then find a new one.

To the Stagehand union and Broadway Producers: There is no “magic” formula for determining how many people are needed to setup, tear down, or maintain a show. Everyone needs to work hard and be paid a fair wage for the services performed. (It sounds like they may have reached a deal though.)

To the Writers union and TV Producers/Actors: Believe it or not, American’s will survive without their TV shows. Don’t shoot yourselves in the foot like the baseball league did.

Remember, by striking the union people are not the only ones losing money. It turns fans away. Other businesses rely on those jobs and industries functioning normally. There are other non-union workers who want to work right now, but cannot because the unions are on strike.

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