November 08, 2007

Walk with the King Today!

I finished the book “Walk with the King Today” by Robert A. Cook. This is an older book (1978), but still provided some excellent insight into living a Christian life.

The book is divided into three sections: The Spiritual Walk, the Personal Walk, and the Family Walk. Each section provides practical biblical ways of living. True to Dr. Cook’s form, he adds many stories and examples from his own life. For more information about the late Dr. Cook, visit his web site.

The final section (The Family Walk) provides several simple, yet effective ways for a Christian family to live. The titles of the chapters are a great summary of what you find further explained in the chapter (tell the truth, fall in love all over again, learn to pray, make your home definitively Christian, and specializing in service).

Dr. Cook also has a Chapter on the United States of America titled USA: Rejoice, Repent, Resolve! In it, he discusses the disappearance of patriotism, the rise of materialism, and the weakening of our national values. Here is a quote from page 203, “The problem with America today is not so much that she is against God; she has simply forgotten Him, ruled Him out of her national life.” That sure sounds a lot like what is happening today and this book was wrote almost 30 years ago.

I would recommend reading this book even though it is a bit dated, the material and insight it provides is still applicable to today’s society. If only we all would “Walk with the King” everyday, America would be a great nation again.


Billiam said...

I'll have to look into that one. I'm currently reading Divore and Re-Marriage; 4 Christian Views. I'm single, and a woman I'm attracted to is divorced. From Scripture, as well as the book, I don't see a future. That sucks, as while I've dealt with lonliness all my life, it still sucks. Oh well.

Wesley Matthews said...

It sounds like you know what the right thing to do (or not do) is. Keep at it.