November 17, 2008

Bible Study

Chapter #9 - Becoming Whole
James 5:12-20

Throughout this letter, James describes several aspects of a Christian's life.
  • staying faithful during trials and temptations
  • living out their faith
  • selfless love
  • controlling their words
  • being humble
  • trusting in God rather than themselves or their riches
  • having patience

Finally, James concludes his letter by discussing prayer. Whatever situation you are in, it is a good idea to pray. Pray if you are happy or sad. Pray for healing or pray for continued good health.

Passionate prayers can accomplish so much. James presents Elijah as an example of powerful prayer from the Old Testament. It seems that prayer like Elijah is lacking these days. Many people are no longer passionate in their prayers and rather simple routine. Make it a goal of yours to be more passionate and pray with a purpose.

This concludes our study of James.

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