November 18, 2008

Book Review

Whose Money Is It Anyway?
By John MacArthur

I finished reading this book. Surprisingly, I was unable to really “get into it” like other books written by MacArthur. Maybe it was just the other busy activities I had going on that kept me from reading the book excitingly.

Overall, this is a good book. It gives a through biblical view of money and how the Christian should use and respond to it. MacArthur gives biblical warnings and guidelines about money. He also talks about the neutral morality of money.

MacArthur also uses Scripture to describe Biblical stewardship and the Biblical model for giving to the Church or other organization that promotes the Gospel of Christ.

There are nine chapters in this book. Each chapter focuses on one aspect of money. At the end of the book is a brief summary of each chapter with some questions that can be used as a study guide to focus on the important aspects of that chapter. MacArthur also includes some ideas to focus on during your prayer time as well as some scriptures to memorize and apply in your life.

This is a good book to read for anyone interested in learning a Biblical perspective on money. Of course as a Christian we need to remember that our true riches are in Heaven.

Next up: I will be reviewing some bible study material to use in January when our weekly Bible Study group meets again. The first study book I’ll be looking at is Life Lessons with Max Lucado: Ruth and Esther.


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