November 07, 2008

Letter to Murtha

Below is an e-mail that was sent to John Murtha.

Congratulations on your win in the recent election! America needs a responsible government; one that will not waste its resources. We need reform, not just business or politics as usual. Below are several areas the government needs to review.

1. Reduce government spending – Stop wasteful spending, like corporate/farm subsidies and eliminate other unnecessary expenses and programs. No more bailouts!

2. Reduce taxes - Lower taxes for businesses and households. Make the tax cuts permanent. This will, of course, require budget cuts and eliminating programs to balance the budget. Revamping the tax code is also important. A flat tax is not without its problems, but it probably the easiest to implement and understand.

3. Eliminate Earmarks – design bills that are specific and serve the purpose for which they are being drafted.

4. Social Security/Welfare Reform - Social Security is an issue and will not take care of itself. The government needs to secure the Social Security system for future generations. One simple solution is to eliminate the cap (wage base), which is currently $102,000. Welfare is an important program that needs fixed, not by raising the minimum wage or throwing more money at the problem or spreading the wealth around. True reform requires job creation and growth so the people on welfare can work. Also, those people on welfare should be required to do something for that welfare check rather than serve no purpose to the community.

5. Internet - Keep the Internet free of unnecessary regulation and taxes. Also, encourage rural broadband Internet access.

6. Border control – This is important to keep the proper flow of immigrants into the United States.

7. Military - Support the military, not just financially, but with your actions and words used at all times. It is fine to disagree with the deployment of troops, however, once there, they need support from all government officials and all citizens of the United States. Bring our troops home when the job is finished.

You have been given the responsibility to help govern what I believe to be the greatest nation in the world, please act responsibly and patriotically throughout your term.


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